A vital sign for your poly-pharmacy patients

MedSnap ID is a mobile medication history-taking technology and service supported by a dedicated team of healthcare informatics experts

Generate definitive medication histories

With an iPhone® camera and a reusable Snap Surface, clinicians are able to generate definitive medication histories that recognize serious drug interactions early in the patient interview process.

A vital sign for your poly-pharmacy patients

"Show me what you're taking." MedSnap ID can provide insight into the patient's understanding of their medications, and verify possession. In this way, MedSnap ID is a "mini mental status exam" for patient pill management. These issues when not recognized can prolong lengths of stay and increase risk of readmission.

Improve speed and efficiency

MedSnap ID integrates with health organizations' electronic health records to speed the medication history-taking and documentation process, and offers exclusive tools for healthcare institutions including onsite clinician training and ongoing support.

Excellent ROI

Our team can customize an ROI model specifically for your organization to ensure MedSnap ID is implemented optimally.